EP. 2 Metaism (A Show About a Show)

A show about a show? Haven’t we seen this before? Simon and Tyler work through potential formats for the show. They test play around with show structure, including moderating and moving through a semi-scripted show on time (pacing). A little stiff, the second part we seem more relaxed.

Time goal is 22 minutes in two 11 minute segments. There is still some work to do, each segment is around 20 minutes each.

To me, the main challenge is timing and content. There is so much to say about everything, for us to get a clear message to you it’s obvious that we need to be more succinct.

Part 1

Part 2

Social Media Sites

Links From Show


Lessons learned from today’s show:

Work On
  • Refine pacing – use nested Key Words
  • There is danger, will be discussing what that means
  • Set Design – more stable background
  • Flow – Pacing threw us off
  • Time ~ 40 Minutes 2 X 20 (3 min reduction)
  • Powerpoint system for pacing is working really well
  • Times needs to be a larger part of the presentation
  • http://itsalmo.st shared timer on the phone timer concept worked, needs better implementation
  • Use Second Desktop for production Effective 5 screens for CT

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