Creating a Vlog on Hangouts on Air

We’ve been hard at work over the last few weeks to create a new show and supporting material.

A couple of people have been asking “How do I start something like that?” You Just Do It. Nike has some things right. The fun part of just doing it is the parts we get wrong and finding ways to fix them.

We’ve completed our third episode and are nowhere near proficient with the technology or the show format. Each time we do a show together Simon and I spend some post time discussing what we did well and what we can improve upon.

Introducing the Break Timer



In the last episode (003) about cyborgs, we discovered an opportunity to use breaks as a method of pacing. Since then we’ve developed a method to make the breaks easier to run as well, this new method of creating breaks will make it easier to edit the show into bite sized chunks for you.

Want the PowerPoint Break Timer File?

Simon and I are both very passionate about sharing, “sharing is caring” right? As we go through this process of learning what it takes to make a great show, we’ll continue sharing as much as we can about how we’re creating the show and the environment around the show.  We’ll point you to some great hangouts on air resources when we find them; what we’ll be focusing on is what we feel is unique to our situation and our experiences with creating something of value from our ideas. Follow along with us during these first few shows and you’ll witness our growth step by step.

We welcome your comments and ideas, post here in the blog or on the YouTube Channel Here Be Danger.


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