Episode 006 – Virtual Reality – Current Headsets

Last night’s show went pretty well. We started on time, stayed on topic. Half way through the third and final segment we start to let loose and veer into video games and our respective console ownership histories.

First generation consumer headsets for Virtual Reality (VR) are on the market now and the real questions are should you buy them and at what cost? All of the sets have some kind of drawback, either resolution, overall power, lack of future proofing or the requirement for additional equipment, and wires. Nobody likes additional wires.

All in $3,000 CAD is far too much to spend on a platform that will be obsolete in a year (more on that in another episode). We favour the Google Daydream for cost, versatility, and accessibility. The Daydream units on the market now cost as much as the phone used to run them about $900 CAD+; however, for the most part, phone carriers will subsidise the cost of the phone down to sub $150 range making it an easy and affordable entry into the world of VR.

Video 1 of 3

Video 2 of 3

Video 3 of 3


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